To colour or not to colour

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So here i am, i started inking up my lino’s nervously hoping they’d be all i had hoped they would be & i couldn’t be happier.

I started off with the black ink (as you do) & although loving how they turned out they just felt a little lifeless & stark. I will however colour in some of the whites of my designs with colours i find prominent here in Png with either paint or pencil but decided to try a beautifully bright & almost neon Orange my sister had gotten me & i was blown away with its bunch. Even with using extra colour within or leaving it as is this is exactly what i had imagined.

What do you think?

Lino dreaming


PNG pattern making PNG pattern making

Ive always been attracted to Lino work & printmaking, something i think that stems right back to my eldest sisters HSC art work which was a beautiful forest  she’d carved in Lino & printed on paper. I LOVED IT. Ever since my attraction to this medium has grown in size & understanding & its been no more so then here in Png were everything around me has a beautifully strong design or pattern quality that so easily  blends my two greatest loves of line & colour.

Here is the start to my ” Lino dreaming”

These small sized works will be printed onto paper & then hand painted, i look forward to showing you how they turn out.

Acrylic on paper

IMG_0087 Acrylic on paper

Yesterday i started doing some simple little painting that at the moment are only grounds but I’m happy. I thought it would be a lot easier, like riding a bike but I’m afraid the old saying isn’t true in this case.    I limited my colour pallet to make things simpler & am thinking about adding pencil over the top.

I could do a lot of these little A5 paintings just to start relaxing into it again & working out how Acrylic works, I’m much more of an oil girl but with a two & a four-year old itching to get into it all, Acrylics will be fine for now……

Papua New Guinea

IMG_2530 IMG_2531

For almost a year now my husband & i with our two little children have been living in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Living in this country, a third world country obviously comes with its challenges & at times I’ve struggled with the change but on the flip-side of that, it also has a rainbow full of colourful people, cultural traditions & an abundance of talented craftsman & woman who every day place the things they make by hand out for all to see & hopefully buy, weather through a store, market or on the side of a busy road.

I figure if there’s anywhere in the world that you could feel inspired daily or easily try your hand at a different medium or subject matter then i can find it here.